Research & Development

Facilities at our R & D & Application Centre & its Key Achievements:

Today KOIPL enjoys the status of being the preferred specialty oils and fats supplier to major players in food industry in India. This has been possible only by continuous effort and commitment of our R & D Team to develop tailor made speciality oils & fats for specific food applications. Continuous improvement in our existing products and processes, development of new products and food applications and up gradation of technology is an ongoing focused activity.

Our R & D and Application Centre is equipped with most sophisticated analytical equipments like GLC, HPLC, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Pulsed NMR, Rancimat apparatus etc required for analysis of oils & fats and pilot plant facility for processing of oils/fats.

Food applications such as – bakery , chocolate / confectionery, frying, dairy applications like ice cream/frozen desserts, margarines/ spreads, mayonnaise and other culinary foods, non dairy whipped toppings/ cooking cream, non dairy creamers/ whiteners etc. the facility is utilised for in house research and application study and also training of our valuable customers. Customers are always welcome to our R&D application centre wherein they can take trials in our chocolate and Ice cream pilot plant.

Some of the salient achievement of our in house R & D are as follows:

  • Development of tailor made bakery shortenings, margarines and spreads, frying shortening with unique functionality for biscuits and snacks industry.
  • Development of whole range of Cocoa butter substitutes ( CBS ), Cocoa butter replacers( CBR ) and cocoa butter equivalent ( CBE ) fats based on newer indigenous raw materials ( tree born seeds fats )
  • Tailor made Oils with specific nutritional profiles profile meeting to specific requirement of food and pharmaceutical industry
Our R &D Centre has been recognised and approved by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) , Government of India.